Rosa Scott Consulting

“I stand for advocating for those without a voice and creating sacred spaces to create a culture where people are empowered to thrive in.”

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Rosa is a leader in the areas of executive coaching and training, curriculum development and programming, and empowerment for liberation. Her passion for community began at 15 years old as a youth organizer that led multiple  campaigns including lead poisoning awareness workshops, petitioned to have 100 trees planted and 3 mailboxes installed in her neighborhood of Bushwick, Brooklyn.  Starting as a member of a Human Rights Organization she moved up the ladders of leadership from line staff to a Program Director.

Over the course of her career she developed and strengthened multiple programs and traveled nationally and internationally to organize around environmental justice, wellness and human rights education. She is a certified Senior Trainer with El Puente’s Global Justice Institute and has trained over 500 educators, activists, and community leaders. She has managed over 10 programs across multiple sites, and overseen outstanding and award-winning programming for thousands of young people in her tenor. In addition, she co-created El Puente’s ground-breaking framework, Transformative Community Building. Rosa stands for advocating for those without a voice and creating sacred spaces to create a culture where people are empowered to thrive.

Business & Mission Statement

Rosa Scott Consulting empowers and develops the growth and transformation of leaders and organizations through coaching, consulting and training by creating safe spaces for people to authentically communicate and  express what they need to thrive.

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Rosa has the ability to feel the room masterfully. She is able to take overarching concepts and make sure that each person can relate on an individual level. She is a studious facilitator, making sure she has a firm grasp of curriculum. Yet, Rosa still is open and always looking for new lenses to present to her audience. Her own trajectory demonstrates insight and leadership at every point in her career. I highly recommend her.
— Stephanie Jackson, El Puente Program Director & Fellow GJI Certified Trainer
Rosa has the unique ability to connect with her clients from the ground-level up. She takes the time to forge meaningful relationships within the organization first, which establishes an intimate understanding of the dynamics and flow of the organization, then is able to apply her years of experience as a Site Director to implement a more fluid and clear internal infrastructure. She is at the same time the “glue” that can hold your organization together and the “oil” that allows the parts within your organization to move seamlessly. Highly recommended and grateful for her services
— James Kim, Founder & CEO of BEAT GLOBAL